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    Medical School of Southeast University is located on the side of elegant Xuanwu Lake in CBD of Nanjing,the campus is a quiet and graceful place with unique scenery and environment. The history of school could be traced back to as early as 1935,the former medical school of National Central University. With more than 70 years’ development, there is a great number of well-known professors and educators who did contribution to the modern medicine of China.

    Medical school SEU has formed a whole set of culturing system, which contains degree education of bachelor, master, and doctor (M.D. and/or Ph.D) degrees, post-doctoral training programs, and international students. It also offers a full range of courses for 5 specialties including clinical medicine (five-year, seven-year and eight to ten-years study), medical imaging, lab science, nursing care, and biology engineering. In 2010,the number of students in study sum up to more than 2400, including candidates of 1400 bachelors , 622 masters, 143 doctors and 322 international students.

    Medical school SEU has developed 20 disciplines that have gained national recognition. Besides, it has 1 national key laboratory, 4 ministry-level key laboratories and more than 16 provincial level key laboratories and clinical departments. During the recent decade, Medical school SEU has assumed more than a hundred national key program of different projects as the “National fund of natural science”, ”National fund of natural science for outstanding Young Scientists”, ”863 project” and ”973 project”, and has received more than 29,996,000 RMB supports from various domestic foundations by the end of 2012. It produced satisfactory outcomes, winning 10 prizes for excellent researches at national, ministry, or provincial levels, and the publications of the researches are widely cited. According to the ESI(Essential Science Indications), Medical school SEU, while maintaining a consecutive growth momentum, ranked itself among the top 1% of the international clinical research era by the end of 2011.

    There are more than 300 professors and associate professors in Medical school SEU, including one professor of the "Yangzi River Awards Plan", 2 members of the "National Fund of Natural Science for Outstanding Young Scientists", 2 head scientists of the “973 projects”, over 70 supervisors of Ph.D. students, and 200 supervisors in the Master's program.

    The affiliated Zhongda hospital is one of the first national approved highest-level hospitals in Jiangsu province, with important influence in the academic fields of intensive care medicine, radiology, cardiology, neurology, etc. in China.

    Nowadays, globalization is not only an important trend for Medical School, SEU but also a philosophy and strategy for the future of the school. We have established extensive relationships with many well-known universities all over the world, and also signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Ulm University, Hamburg University in Germany, Liverpool University in United Kingdom and Monash University in Australia. With the financial support of China Scholarship Council, 15 undergraduate and postgraduate students per year could do the further study to get the master or MD degrees in the first level universities abroad. There are more than 20% students will attend the international internship or visiting program every year.  

    With a dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the Medical School SEU offers unique learning experiences across a broad spectrum and high standard of academic and social environments. The Medical School SEU is responsive to the talents cultivated, creating curricula and learning opportunities that increase access to higher education.

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