Student Affairs office from Southeast University School of Medicine and Nanjing University School jointly carry out the salon of characteristic ideological and political education


As the first batch of “three comprehensive education” comprehensive reform pilot universities, Southeast University combined with the characteristics of each college to build an integrated ideological and political work system to implement the “three comprehensive education” program.In the context of implementing the three comprehensive education, successful enforcement on ideological and political field of medical students is an important part of the Plan for the advancement of medical academic work. In order to better formulate and initiate the plan, the Student Affairs Office of Southeast University School of medicine invited Nanjing University, School of medicine Student Affairs Office to jointly carry out a counselor salon on the theme of “Combining the Three Comprehensive Education and focusing on Characteristics Ideological and Political Education around the characteristic of the medical students ” . The salon was held at 14:00 on March 4th. The members of the salon were: Xiaoyue Chen , Yu Ding , and Ke Wu who were counselors of Nanjing University, School of Medicine and Ping Luo , Yiyi Luand Tiannuo Wang who were counselors of Southeast University, School of Medicine.


At the beginning of Sharon, the counselors of Southeast University and Nanjing University introduced their grades and their responsibilities, respectively. After having a certain understanding of each other, the two sides mainly exchanged views on the characteristics funding modes ,specialized party group activities, social practice methods, volunteer service forms, construction of learning atmosphere and mental health education counseling ways. This kind of open and interactive discussion provides a way to broaden the vision and thinking patterns of medical academic work, so as to deepen the research and development of medical characteristic academic affairs work as well as improve the ability and professional level of medical counselors, propelling them to become more professional .

The six counselors also shared their experience and insights of this profession ,expressed their passion for student work and their inexpressible feelings. Finally, the two sides began to discuss about the development and positioning of the Sharon. In fact, The Southeast University school of Medine and Nanjing University School of medicine had cooperated in the previous Love Needs NoWords party and this salon has further strengthened ties and laid an excellent foundation for co-operation in the future.