Located on the side of elegant Xuanwu Lake in CBD of Nanjing,the campus of the college is a quiet and graceful place with unique scenery and environment. The history of college can be traced back to 1935,the former medical school of National Central University. During morethan 80 years history, a great number of well-known doctors and educators who contributed a lot to the modern medicine of China have once studied or worked here.

With a dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the School of Medicine, SoutheastUniversity offers unique learning experiences across abroad spectrum and high standard of academic and social environments. the School of Medicine is responsive to the talent scultivated, creating curricula and learning opportunities that increase access to higher education.

The School of Medicine has formed a whole set of culturing system, which contains degree education of bachelor, master, and doctor (M.D. and/or Ph.D)degrees, post-doctoral training programs, and international students.The majors of the school include clinical medicine (five-year and seven-year study, respectively), medical imaging, lab science,nursing care, and biology engineering. In 2010,the number of students in study sum up to more than 2400, including candidates of 1400 bachelors , 622 masters, 143 doctors and 322 international students.

Zhongda hospital, the affiliated hospital, is one of the first nationalapproved highest-level hospitals in Jiangsu province, with important influence in the academic fields of intensive care medicine,radiology, cardiology, neurology, etc. among China.

Globalizationis not only an important trend for the School of Medicine, but also is aphilosophy and strategy for the future of the school. The School of Medicine has established extensive relationships with many well-known universities in the world. Many students including undergraduate shave joined in various summer programs in Europe. We have more than 300 international students from approximately 50 different countries.