The Department of Anesthesiology


Anesthesiology is a discipline combining basic medicine and clinical medicine, the main task of which is to provide safeguard during invasive procedures in all clinical departments, to provide safe and comfortable services in testing and treatments, and to provide life support for critical patients. It is also one of the most important health care institutions with three major functions: retrieving the dying, healing the wounded and curing the sick.


The Department of Anesthesiology, School of Medicine, Southeast University has a second level discipline for Master’s degrees authorization. After a long period of construction and reforms, it has developed into a modern department encompassing clinical and teaching experiences, forming a complete professional teaching training system.


The department also undertakes clinical work such as clinical anesthesia, first aid and pain treatment of the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University. It is one of the national training bases for resident physicians and one of the national pediatric anesthesia training bases of Chinese Society of Anesthesiology.


The department has 3 postgraduate student tutors, 5 of the staff members with senior titles, 8 with doctoral degree and 28 with master degree.


Our research interests include cardiopulmonary physiology and anesthesia, physiological regulation of critical patients during the perioperative period, pain signal transduction of central nervous system, anesthetic drug reactions in the periphery and the central nervous system, general anesthesia and cognitive dysfunction, as well as comorbid depression and chronic pain.


Our department and the department of critical care medicine jointly establish the Institute of Critical Care Medicine, School of Medicine, Southeast University. It also owns a molecular biology laboratory and a clinical anesthetic pharmacology laboratory.


The department has active academic atmosphere, strong spirit of unity and cooperation. They have successively undertaken the National Fund for Nature projects, the National Fund for Nature Youth Fund projects, the Ministry of Education scientific research projects, the Jiangsu Province Nature Fund projects, the six top talent projects in Jiangsu Province, and the Jiangsu Province 333 High level Talent training Project,Jiangsu Provincial Department of Health and other scientific research projects.

Over the past 5 years, the department has published more than 100 papers including over 10 SCI papers. Mechanism of vascular hyporeactivity induced by shock obtained the second class prize of Nanjing Advanced Science and Technology.


Major Research Directions

01 general anesthesia and cognitive dysfunction (full-time)

02 mechanism and prevention of comorbid depression and chronic pain(full-time)

03 organs protection during the perioperative period (full-time)