Department of Pathology and Pathophysiology


The Department was initially established in 1935, belonging to the Medical School of National Central University at that time. After liberation, it was successively affiliated to Medical School of Nanjing University, the FifthMilitaryMedicalUniversity, and NanjingRailwayMedicalCollege. The famous pathologists Prof. Wu Zaidong, Prof. Kang Xirong, Prof. Yu Jiacheng, Prof. Chen Wenluo and Prof. Jia Yun all served as directors of the department and promoted its development.

The department now includes Pathology teaching and research section, Pathophysiology teaching and research section, Electron microscopy lab and the Pathology department of affiliated hospital. It is among the first ones approved by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council of China to award Master degree and is qualified to receive the Ph.D. candidates from specialties of Immunology, Internal Medicine, Oncology and Medical imaging. It is also affiliated to Jiangsu Key Clinic Pathologic Discipline and Jiangsu Key Laboratory of High-Tech Research on Biological Materials. In addition, the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology and the Research Institute of Biological Histocompatibility have been established.

The Department has an experienced teaching staff and a high-standard academic echelon, 5 as full professors, 5 as adjunct professors, 1 as chief physician, 3 as associate professors, all holding Ph.D. degrees. Of the faculty, 8 had experience of studying abroad, 7 are doctoral supervisors, and 8 are master’s supervisors. Currently, 1 member receives special government allowance from the State Council, 2 members are selected as top-notch talents in the Ministry of Railway, and 2 members entered “Qing-Lan” and “333” projects in JiangsuProvince. Some members serve as editors or guest editors for more than 10 international and national journals, such as <Chinese Journal of Pathology>, <Chinese Journal of Hepatology>, <Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine>, < Journal of Clinical Hepatology>, <Journal of Modern Medicine & Health>, and so on.

The department undertakes teaching mission of graduate students, national and international undergraduate students, and continuing medical students.There are four major research directions: Experimental tumor pathology, Molecular pathology, Prophylaxis and treatment of carcinoma, Molecular pathology of organ fibrosis, and Molecular pathological diagnosis of neoplasia.

In the past ten years, it has been holding or partially holding 4 National 863 Programs, 34 National Natural Science Fund Projects, 25 Provincial Research Projects and 25 Teaching Projects, with a total research grants of 25 million yuan. With these support, the staff has published about 400 articles including 80 SCI/EI/ISTP papers, compiled 20 treatises and textbooks, gained 8 provincial scientific and technological achievement awards and more than 20 Teaching Awards with 1 National Online Education Resources Excellent Sharing Course and 1 Provincial High-quality Curriculum. It has possessed 11 national patents with 7 certifications.

Up to now, 165 master candidates and 66 Ph.D. candidates have been enrolled in this discipline. Of the candidates, 153 received master degrees or entered Ph.D. study phase in advance and 40 received Ph.D. degrees. Among them, 2 master theses and 1 doctoral thesis were awarded Provincial Excellent Dissertations in Jiangsu.

Major Research Directions

Experimental tumor pathology

Molecular pathology, prophylaxis and treatment of carcinoma

Molecular pathology of organ fibrosis

Molecular pathological diagnosis of neoplasia.