Department of Nursing


Our department began to undertake the teaching task of nursing specialized adult education and professional upgrading in 1984.We enrolled nursing undergraduate students every year from 2000.We began to undertake the teaching

nursing task of professional remote education from 2002 and upgrade the remote education to higher level from 2009. In 2010, we were approved as the second-level subject authorization point for the master of nursing degree. We were granted the first-level discipline master of nursing in 2011 and the professional degree of the master of nursing degree in 2014. It was appraised as the characteristic specialty construction site of adult higher in Jiangsu province in 2011 and the key specialty construction point of adult higher education in Jiangsu province in 2017.

We have a reasonable, competent and efficient structure of teachers in all respects, such as knowledge, education, title and age. At present, there are total more than 40 faculty members, among which more than 20 people are professors and associate professors. Recently, we have edited 15 textbooks. Our department encourages teachers to apply for projects of researching and teaching. We has presided more than thirty topics in provincial, municipal and colonel level. We have the perfect teaching management system and teaching quality evaluation system, which composes of teaching supervision, leadership lectures, student evaluation, the young teachers’ posts got by trial teaching,collective classes and standardized lesson plans.

Our department pays more attention to the construction of curriculum system. In talent training field, we focus on broadening basis, strengthening practice and emphasizing innovation. We also established wide caliber training modes and broadened discipline-based courses. By improving the professional elective courses and strengthening the practice to make the teaching contents and curriculum system more reasonable and perfect. Nursing students trained in our department possess solid foundation of the theory, basic skills and innovation ability. Apart from it, they have good ability of foreign languages and computer applications. Our nursing students participate in all kinds of activities including academic competitions actively. The quality of the teaching are good in our department. More than 95% undergraduates can get their bachelor degree each year. Our undergraduates who have been widely welcomed are praised by employers. So the one-time employment rate of our department reaches 100%.

Our department completed successfully ten phase national training mission of the Secondary vocational school nursing professional backbone teachers, as well as more than 10 multiple nursing professional backbone teachers training mission of hosting the Ministry of education. We cultivated thousands of nursing backbone teachers across the country. We were obtained high praise and recognition by the Ministry of education and provincial department of education.

Our department regards “excellent education, featured teaching” as overarching goal. It continues to improve conditions of departments and strengthen academic characteristics to train high-quality nursing professionals of innovative spirit and ability who coordinated develop in knowledge, ability and quality.


Major Research Directions

1. Nursing Education

2. Clinical nursing

3. Chronic disease management and health education

4. Nursing Administration



Our teacher is giving the demonstration of the CPR operation.


We won the national first prize of the Nursing operation teaching courseware.


We invited the Professor Wu Bei, from Duke University School of Nursing, to lecture several times.



Our nurses professional etiquette competition.