Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history about long than 40 years old and a solid foundation. At present, we have a faculty team with a reasonable structure, solidarity and cooperation, and strict academic study. Since the establishment of the Department of TCM, we have always focused on improving the quality of teaching and cultivating high-quality academic echelons. The Department of TCM has a number of postgraduate tutors and lecturers. The Department of TCM undertakes the teaching tasks of undergraduate students and overseas classes in Chinese Medicine. In recent years, the Department of TCM has hosted more than 10 national-level projects and provincial-level projects. During the period, the Department of TCM has published more than 50 academic papers and participated in the preparation of several national textbooks.


Main research direction:


Therapeutic effect of FSAMB on coronary heart disease.

Study on the mechanism of Moxibustion.