The Department of Pharmacology



The Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Southeast University is a long-established discipline of Nanjing Railway Medical College, the predecessor of School of Medicine, Southeast University. Since the 1960s, with tireless efforts of senior pharmacology experts, the Department of Pharmacology has made remarkable achievements in cardiovascular pharmacology, so it has received several science & technology awards from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, which has laid solid foundation for discipline construction.


Professor Honghong Yao, the recipient of NSFC National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, Jiangsu Specially Appointed Professor, member of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and academic leader joins the newly-established Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Southeast University, and works on a new research direction-neuropharmacology. She has achieved great success in drug abuse and neuro-inflammatory response and fostered distinct feature and advantage in the Department of Pharmacology.


       The Department of Pharmacology has 9 full-time teachers-1 professor, 3 associate professors and 5 teachers. It has formed a young and vigorous research & teaching team. The professor and associate professors studied and worked abroad. Over the last five years, the Department of Pharmacology has attained rapid development in scientific research: currently, it primarily focuses on neuropharmacology, metabolic pharmacology and clinical pharmacology. In 2014, one member of the Department of Pharmacology was included into Jiangsu Six Talent Peaks Program; in 2015, one member the 11th “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”; in 2017, one member Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Talent Program; in 2018, one member Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Team (Leading Talent). In addition, it has undertaken a few national, ministerial and provincial-level scientific research projects, such as National Key Basic Research Program (970 Program), national key R&D programs, NSFC National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, NSFC international and regional cooperation projects, Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Talent Program, Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Team Program, etc. Recent years, the Department of Pharmacology has published more than one hundred papers on influential SCI journals such as Nat Commun, Blood, Mol Psychiatry, Autophagy, J Neurosci, etc. Meanwhile, the Department of Pharmacology is also responsible for teaching pharmacology undergraduates and graduates, and the number of annual average credit hours exceeds 1500. The teachers are meticulously conscientious in imparting knowledge and actively engaged in educational reform, so they have been highly recognized in the school and among students. Alongside with scientific research and teaching, the Department of Pharmacology has been working with domestic pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs of pharmacology, pharmacodynamics and toxicology and promote the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

Major Research Directions

1.Research on cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurological disease and neuroinflammation

2.Research on antihyperglycemic mechanisms of baicalin that mediate gut microbiota;

3.Research on antifungal drug discovery and mechanisms of drug resistance;

4.Research on cellular and molecular mechanisms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and drug therapy.