Undergraduate Education


(1). Education Goals

Cultivate good medical literacy and professional quality, master a wide range of humanities, social and scientific knowledge, master a solid medical basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills, establish a relatively complete clinical medical concept, familiar with the status quo and development prospects of clinical medicine He is able to work independently in clinical medicine, and has the position to be competent in clinical medicine, medical education and scientific research in medical and health, medical colleges and scientific research institutions, and has medical talents with further development and development potential.


(2). The knowledge, ability and quality that graduates should have

1. Master a wide range of natural sciences and humanities and social sciences, have good professional ethics, psychological quality and communication skills; be familiar with the principles of health system organization and its economic and legislative basis, and have the treatment and treatment of diseases and injuries. The ability to promote integration with disease prevention.

2. Master solid medical basic theoretical knowledge and standardized professional skills, master the basic clinical skills of common diseases and frequently-occurring diagnosis and treatment; familiar with the frontier development status and trends of this major.

3. Master a foreign language with information management ability, self-learning, lifelong learning ability and critical thinking.

4. Scientifically evaluate various evidences and make reasonable decisions while maintaining the highest standards of professional values and ethics to provide patients with the best treatment options.

5. It can combine with clinical practice, learn and master the basic methods of clinical scientific research, have certain clinical research ability and the ability to write a thesis, and have certain development potential.


(3). Program and main subjects

Clinical medicine (5-year system, 5+3 integration, 5+3+X):

basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine;

Medical imaging:

imaging medicine, clinical medicine, basic medicine;

Medical laboratory technology:

clinical laboratory and laboratory technology, clinical medicine, basic medicine;


Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Biological Sciences;




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