The Department of Neurology


The Department of Neurology was established on the era of National Central University, 1948. The department is identified the key clinical department of Jiangsu province and the key discipline of Jiangsu province; it has been approved to award master degree since 2001, and to award doctoral degree and being center for post-doctoral studies since 2010. The department has a total of 22 faculty members, 19 of whom obtained doctoral degree. The faculty members include four professors and seven associated professors (or associate chief physician). The department has obtained 88 scientific grants, 43 of which were granted by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (including 28 general programs, 11 major programs, and three international cooperation programs). The department has published 212 papers in SCI journals and more than 100 papers in other journals.

Major Research Directions

1. Research on pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. To investigate the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases at the early stage by integrating genetic, neuroimaging, and neurocognitive approaches.

2. Research on the major depression pathogenesis with its intervention approaches. To investigate the mechanism of major depression and to develop the approach to rapidly relive the depressive symptom.

3. Research on the cerebrovascular disease treatment and related mechanism. To develop treatment approach to advance recovery for patients with cerebrovascular disease.