Department of Ophthalmology


   The ophthalmology department of Zhong Da hospital affiliated southeast university integrates clinic, education and scientific research, and is the conferral point of master's degree in ophthalmology. There are 12 doctors, including 2 PhD and 9 masters. There are 3 senior doctors, 2 deputy chief doctor, 4 attending doctors and 3 resident doctors. Continuous innovation, positivity and providing patients with the best quality of service are the consistent goal of all ophthalmic medical staff. Benefit by the efforts of several generations, we have carried out various diagnostic and therapeutic programs required by top three hospitals, including various surgeries for cataract, glaucoma, vitreoretinopathy, ocular trauma, strabismus and ptosis, and the examinations of fluorescence fundus angiography (FFA), optical coherence tomography (OCT) as well as automatic perimeter, and treatments such as retinal photocoagulation, laser peripheral iridotomy and orthokeratology preventing myopia, and so on. We have optical laboratory and fundus disease laboratory. We pay attention to clinical work and scientific research simultaneously. In addition, we actively participated in prevention and treatment of blindness in Jiangsu province and our state perennially. We were awarded the advanced collective glorious title by State council because of the outstanding achievements in blindness prevention in 2002.


   Diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia and strabismus are the advantages and features in department. Since 1984 the specialized outpatient department being set up, we have treated hundreds of thousands of patients. Because of the high diagnostic accuracy and good therapeutic effect achieving good respond in and around Jiangsu province, and the treatment level close to the domestic leading level, our department has become one of the largest treatment points for amblyopia and strabismus, as well as the member of amblyopia strabismus professional group of Chinese academy of ophthalmology eventually. “Application of large trapezoidal conjunctival incision in strabismus surgery” won the first prize of new technology introduction award confered by Public Health Department of Jiangsu province in 1999. “Clinical features and surgical techniques of extraocular strabismus with abnormal walking direction of external rectus muscle” won the second prize of new technology introduction award confered by Public Health Department of Jiangsu province in 2009. “Application of modified suture in shortening levator palpebrae superioris muscle” and “Study on the role of medical adhesive in strabismus correction” won ministry of railways science and technology progress award.


   Vitrectomy for vitreoretinopathy is another feature of our department. There have been more than a thousand patients took this operation in our department since 1997. At the same time, the academic leader has took a further study in Japan and England, maintaining communication with domestic and foreign well-known ophthalmologists. With her professional skills and surgical skills improving, the success rate of surgery reached more than 90%. “Vitrectomy combined with intraocular silicone oil injection for the treatment of complex retinal detachment” won award of nanjing railway medical college introduced new technology and new therapy in 1997. “Anterior - posterior joint surgery in patients with vitreoretinal disease and cataract” won the new technology introduction award of Zhong Da hospital affiliated southeast university in 2003. Because of the high surgical success rate, good therapeutic effect and the application of new technical therapies, the influence of the department in the province continues to expand. Phacoemulsification is a regular operation in our department now. We have done this surgery for more than 10,000 patients, and obtained good surgical results. The success rate of surgery reached more than 98%.