Department of Human Anatomy


Welcome to the Department of Human Anatomy. Human anatomy is one of the most important basic subjects of medicine. The discipline of Human Anatomy in Southeast University was founded in 1935. Department of Human Anatomy has 4 associate professors and 4 lecturers, of which 1 is doctoral supervisors and 2 are master's supervisors. 7 of the staffs have PHDs and 1 of them has a master's degree in medicine.


The discipline of Human Anatomy in Southeast University was empowered by the State Council to confer the Master’s degree in 1986. Currently, there are two master supervisors and one doctoral supervisor in the department. The scientific research in the Department is mainly focused on the basis of neuroanatomical circuits related with brain diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, neural regeneration and repair of the central nerve injuries. In addition to neuroscience, our research work is also involved with other disciplines, such as molecular biology, biochemistry, oncology, biological nanomaterials, and immunology. In recent five years, the scientific research projects undertaken by the Department of Human Anatomy include a subproject of the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), four National Natural Science Foundation Items of China, a subproject of National Key Research And Development Plan For Quality Foundation and one Horizontal Research Foundation Program. And the academic members of Department of Human Anatomy have published more than 20 scientific research papers in core periodicals.


The department has offered curriculums such as Systematic Anatomy, Regional Anatomy, Sectional Anatomy, Neurobiology, Neurobiological Experiment Methods, Clinical Neuroanatomy, Specimen Preparation and Clinics, Normal Somatology, and Structure and Function of Human Body, for the 5-year program undergraduates, the students of 7-year education system, the students of 5+3 education system, the students of 5+3+X education system, Master's and PhD candidates. The department also offers all English teaching courses for the international students of MBBS and the students of 7-year- of 5+3+X-education system who are majoring in Clinical Medicine. The Department of HumanAnatomy always lays emphasis on education reform and makes full use of modern teaching means to improve teaching qualities. Over the years, we keep on top of the list for the teaching evaluated on line by the students. In recent five years, the Department has undertaken three educational reform projects of the University; the English teaching courses of Systematic Anatomy and Regional Anatomy won the honor of university-level excellent courses; the English teaching courses of Systematic Anatomy won the honor of provincial excellent course; One teaching paper was published and over ten other universal-level awards.


The members of Human Department will never forget the original intention and always remember the mission of teaching and educating young medical students. All the staffs of the Department are committed to the education cause and try our best to make greater contributions to China's medical development.