Unified Thinking and Holding Mission Firmly – 2019 School of Medicine all staff meeting



On the afternoon of March 11, 2019, School of medicine all staff meeting presided by Dongwei Tan, secretary of party committee, School of medical was held at the lecture hall on the second floor of the Zhonghe building in Dingjiaqiao Campus.


Dean Naifeng Liu made a report and 2019 key work of the School was deployed, and specific requirements were put forward for scientific research, discipline construction, building qualified faculty, training talents, student education, international cooperation and exchange, comprehensive reform and other aspects.

On the basis of reviewing the work of the Party Committee of the School of medicine in 2018 the Secretary Dongwei Tan introduced the key points of the School of medicine Party Committee affairs in 2019 .

Dean Liu and Secretary Tan encouraged everyone to follow Xi Jinping’s vision of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance in the new era to conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the National Education Conference .He reminded to bear morality while nurturing talents and clarified importance of medical education to promote construction of special medical discipline in accordance with the Action plan for elite undergraduate education and comprehensive reform plan for graduate education. By focusing these two elite construction plan, simultaneous comprehensive improvement in the quality of training talent, and strengthening of the construction of teaching faculty is possible as the path for us to strive to achieve intrinsic development and completely fulfil the goals of 2019.